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The Company was founded in 1938 as the Antonio Riccitelli Individual Company, with the operation of the Minturno - Scalo F.S. of Scauri. During the war period the machinery was requisitioned and destroyed. After the war with the reconstruction of the structure other Minturno - Formia, Spigno Saturnia - Minturno, Mondragone - Tufo, Teano - Formia automotive lines were established. In 1963 the company became a company under the name Autoservizi Riccitelli s.r.l.

The Autoservizi Riccitelli now has 28 buses and operates in the Provinces of Caserta (Campania) and Latina (Lazio) with various concession lines that connect Gaeta Formia and Minturno with the various centers of the Province of Caserta, including Sessa Aurunca, Mondragone, Carinola , Teano, Sparanise; moreover it operates Gran Turismo lines: Baia Domizia - Gaeta and Baia Domizia - Montecassino. Currently the Autoservizi Riccitelli is based in Minturno (LT) and has depots in Minturno and Sparanise. The Company also operates in the bus rental sector with a state-of-the-art bus fleet equipped with all the comforts and specialized personnel for travel in Italy and abroad. A very diversified package of offers is available: from the rental of a few hours to that of several days, from rental with hostess to one with a double driver. The maintenance sector is particularly equipped with efficient systems and equipment and with specialized personnel. The buses are regularly subjected to scheduled maintenance.

The Autoservizi Riccitelli Company submits all newly hired personnel assigned to scheduled and rental services to training courses in order to improve their professionalism. The company has obtained the Quality Certification as required by the UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 14001/2015. 


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